Moved to Australia in my late teens to pursue my bachelor's degree in Multimedia Design after acquiring a degree in Business Administration and Information Technology. I see myself as both a designer and a full time wanderer who goes through life knowing that failure is only a part of the journey and taking every experience as an adventure with a different perspective. I believe that any design process can be taken into practice in my life - discovering new things around me and within me makes life worthwhile with a creative flare.

design, fitness, health, fashion, (quiz me on anything about life and i will tell you my perspective with a glimmer in the eye)

being assertive sometimes (hehe)

i admire people who live being unafraid to be different.. i think they earn respect in every right and expressing oneself with no constraints.

if I tell you, that won't be so much of a secret now, would it? :)

something :)

actually, I can't remember and this is without effort (ha ha ha)

i would teach them to accept that life can be hard sometimes and it is the courage within to see the sunshine at the end of the tunnel that makes a difference in every endeavor and in every pain

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