Collaborator, peacekeeper, risk-taker. I lead the Hot Shops Art Center, an arts organization that provides educational opportunities to explore creativity through a variety of artistic and creative processes. For the makers/artists, we give them a place and the opportunity to be creative. For the public, Hot Shops lets everyone see and experience how the art is made. You can see the tools, the ideas on sketchpads, scale models, mistakes and do-overs. You can feel the heat from the glass furnace, watch the potters bring a lump of clay to life or the sculptor pour the molten bronze.

Our greatest pride comes from putting sparks in minds of people young and old. The looks on their faces when the glass blower pulls the 2000-degree glass out of the furnace are priceless. Our values are to celebrate the individual through education, inspiration and creation, providing a place to share and develop ideas and creative expressions. One of my proudest achievements is the role I played in developing We Don’t Coast, a brand for the Omaha region. I am a graduate of the Colorado Institute of Art and Bellevue University.

The Omaha community and We Don't Coast.

Details. And saying no.

If it was easy, everyone would do it.

Dave Nelson. His support and kindness to others goes above and beyond.



Every soup recipe I've ever attempted to make.

How to use a Wacom Pen/Tablet and ditch your mouse.

A lot of people came and said I never thought about it like this. I never thought about the fact that this person that I’m seeing that is standing out here panhandling or that’s in the shelters or that’s hanging out and sleeping under the bridges has a story and that there were life circumstances and a part of their story that brought them to this place. I think it’s very important that we recognize that and that we realize they need our help not our condemnation.
There are people who, despite their experiences and intelligence and kind-heartedness, they sincerely are lost right now in this time. They do not know; they did not realize. A little bit of patience to get everyone up to speed is necessary, even on the part of those with… I’ve heard people say, ‘It’s not up to black people to help others get up to speed.’ It might not be, but I’m going to try that anyway because it’s necessary. - Steve Gordon

CMO Volunteer Team

I’ll break down “Hustle like an Immigrant” into five different steps. One is about what’s your ‘why’ – why are you doing what you’re doing? Two is your goal – do you have a goal that has been formed by your why? Three, do you have the discipline to see your goals through? Four – perseverance. Hardship is going to come, obstacles are going to come your way, can you get through those? Five, I call it ‘the blank check.’ Are you a risk taker, are you willing, at any given point, to sacrifice who you are for what you can ultimately become?

Saikou Camara

Certainly, there are a lot of moments in this exhibition where you will catch your breath or you will want to cry or you will want to curse, or you’ll want to walk away; you’ll want to rage, but there really is a layer of hope embedded in the concepts that course through this exhibition. There’s this idea of celebrating America’s hard-fought successes in the battle for equality while also advocating for the fact that we need continuing reflection, conversation and action to grow as a nation and build a more just society.

Karin Campbell