Collaborator, peacekeeper, risk-taker. I lead a team of marketing rock stars passionate about telling Omaha’s story. One of my proudest achievements is the role I played in developing We Don’t Coast, a brand for the Omaha region. I am proud to work for an organization that works every day to move our community forward. I am a graduate of the Colorado Institute of Art and Bellevue University.

Details. And saying no.

If it was easy, everyone would do it.

Dave Nelson. His support and kindness to others goes above and beyond.



To improve commitments, to love them more, feel great about them more, you want to love the work and be flexible with the outcome. And the best way to love the work and be flexible with the outcome is to develop connection and develop perspective. And the way towards connection and the way towards perspective was to let my damn imperfect life right into the front door and ask it to walk me up and to the right. Imperfection creates connection and perspective, creates love of work and flexibility of outcome.

Karen Borchert