Founder and CEO of @womenofdenver and @womenwhobadass with a community of thousands and a powerful women’s magazine

Creating an inspiring space where others feel seen, heard and valued. I help people reach their personal potential through educational events and marketing consulting.

I'm always looking for great articles to feature on our blog and in our print/digital magazine.

Never get too emotionally tied to the way you make your money -- you need to be open to change with the market and find new ways to serve that your customers need and are willing to pay for.

I admire all of the incredible leaders I hear about on NPR's "How I Built This," a show that features the founders of some of the world's most powerful brands. They worked hard, leveraged their skills and ideas and created companies we all rely on to live our daily lives.

Introversion! Being an introvert required me to be more intentional about how I'd learn to make an impact in the world. Because of that I was able to study charisma, body language, leadership and influence and now help others by teaching those principles to them.

If all else fails I'll become a professional wrestler. I just need to learn how to wrestle and start exercising, but I think I can handle a new career like that.

I remember the people who have made an impact, changed my life, and shown me that my life matters.

I love teaching people body language tips that help them look more powerful and charismatic. It takes just a minute to make a move that helps you get noticed when entering a room.

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