I'm a mom of two amazing boys. I'm also an avid face in the local community, always looking to make new connections with other females doing great things in Curtis Park, and the greater Sacramento Area. Lifting each other up one by one is how we can elevate the entire community!

My professional experience began in the Customer Service industry with Lululemon. There I learned how to interact with clientele and build relationships with people in the wellness field. Fast-forward a bit and I am living with my life partner, helping run his business, Fitsom Studios, and preparing for my first home birth.

I became interested in natural ways of getting through labor and birth and so I dove into meditation and breathing to prepare my mind. After that I knew first hand how important and powerful these tools were for dealing with everyday stress (which birth is not "everyday stress," but if it can get me through natural birth, it can get anyone through anything). Not only has it helped me become a more clear minded, productive person, it has helped me to connect to others on a deeper level. This experience has had strong influence over our philosophy at Fitsom.

Being a mom and running a business has been a challenge to say the least. I've become very involved in the community ever since I became Co-Owner of Fitsom Studios. I thrive off of lifting others up and being around like-minded individuals who are hungry with curiosity and a strong desire to build and create a better environment. I am learning how to find balance in all areas of my life, separating work life from mom life and my personal life (it's a process)! I've found passion in female entrepreneurship and look forward to growing and evolving Fitsom Studios as well as the local Sacramento / Curtis Park Community!

Please feel free to reach out to me! Lets collab :)

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