Seattle-based photographer, music lover, and travel enthusiast. Co-founder and former co-director of an organization called C'mon Team! (a group of creatives donating our time and talent to make storytelling digital content for non-profits around the world) and a travel site for women called Get Your Travel On.

Weddings and wedding photography-related things. Online presence. Interior Design. Working in teams to create awesome photo and video content. Musical theatre. Staying calm.

I'm hoping to work with more small business owners for whom I can create photo content. I've put together a photography package including headshots and process photos that business owners can use on their websites and social media... a refresh, if you will! Can't wait to get started creating that new content for other creative professionals and go-getters.

Never hope for it more than you work for it.

People who are able to really sell an idea verbally. I'm more of a behind the scenes person, a strategist; I can break down projects into organized tasks all day long, but I'm always wow'd by people who have a very clear vision and the vocabulary and charisma to invite people to get excited about things.

Positivity. For better or for worse, I can pretty much see the bright side in anything and the good in anyone. That trait seems to help me build trust with people, and even turn working relationships into a more personal connection.

Karaoke host

there is a large chunk of my memory devoted to showtune lyrics for some reason

Mobile photography tips & tricks for small biz owners

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