i've recently escaped my past life as a corporate program manager. i retained my wits and sense of humor and am now happily residing in start up land as a content editor for an online education site in the maker space.

the maker movement and hand made fiber crafts in particular.

not packing every good idea into a project.

find a hobby and work at it like it a job. i told myself that when i got to college and now my hobby is my career! time to find a new hobby, i guess!

my cat. she can eat only two meals a day, stare off into space for hours, nap for even more hours and then randomly expend all of her energy at once.

i can (almost) always get a good nights sleep.

closet/ kitchen/ workspace organizer! i love pulling everything out of the cabinets and finding better ways to organize them.

nothing. my memory is horrible so i am attached to my digitals.

how to break out of your color/ music/ media comfort zone.


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