A native Coloradan, I come to New York by way of DC and Virginia, with some quick detours in Taos, Lima and London. I work at the intersection of content, creativity, and advocacy, representing authors whose work catalyzes social change, challenges the status quo, gives voice to the underrepresented, and inspires improvement of all kinds. (So if you want to write a book or know someone who should, give me a shout.) Recently, I helped build and celebrate creative communities at CreativeMornings and Girls Write Now. I like adventures and chocolate chips. You can find me @klz4k just about everywhere on the internet.

The internet, books, cameras, hot sauce.

Finding the best tacos everywhere I go.

Eat breakfast, then go out and create your own luck.

I don't have a backup career, but in an alternate reality, I'm a renowned upright bass player.