Kleidi Eski is creative director based in Tirana. He holds a Master Degree in Architecture. Since late 2017 he is a fellow of Salzburg Global Seminar.

He has directed several short films and music videos, mostly featuring animation and visual effects.

In 2016 he joined efforts with artists Elina Duni and Eda Zari. They supported the organization TOKA in preserving the national park of Valbona against hydropower development. He designed protest posters and social media content for the protest concerts of October, which attracted several hundreds of people in Valbona Valley and Tirana, gaining the attention of the government.

In early 2018 he was invited by TOKA to create and design #PoFletValbona. The campaign - against media censorship on the cause of Valbona - was boosted through a series of citylights in the streets of central Tirana. It is backed up by a website that presents issues around HPP development in a comprehensible Q&A format.

In late 2018 he once again collaborated with the artists in the campaign #LumLumiiLirë. The visual creative of the campaign is comprised of an animated music video that generated social media traction and got the attention of mainstream channels.

Kleidi is a parent and has three cats who are mostly indifferent the above-mentioned.

Kleidi hasn't saved anything yet.