Named after the ancient Macedonian king Alexander The Great, Phillip Alexander Loken (also known as King Phill), was born in Texas, but raised in North Carolina; Phillip Loken is a southern artist by all means. At the age of 5, Phillip began playing the drums, beginning his journey into self-expression and artistic creativity. After music, he found fashion. Around the age of 13, he created a clothing brand with his high school friend. That brand released three separate pieces and each piece sold out within a week; that’s when Phillip knew he was onto something. From 2011-2015, Phillip attended UNCG where his creativity reached new heights. Phillip started a streetwear fashion blog called Cool&Well-Dressed during his sophomore year where he interviewed different key figures and up-and-comers in the streetwear industry; he’s worked with brands as big as Diamond Supply Co, Billionaire Boys Club, Karmaloop and independent brands like FTP, Rori and H33M Inc. During his junior year at UNCG, he showcased his photography in a joint exhibition with X The Artist entitled “The EP: Soundtrack To Creativity”. King Phill promises that this is only the beginning of what he has to contribute to culture.


gaining multiple sources and revenue. And I need a full-time preferably marketing or creative job.

"The only difference between who made it and who didn't was one of them never stopped"

Fred Hampton because he was incredible.


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