I'm a senior graphic designer and typography enthusiast living in Austin, Texas. My cat is named after the typeface Mrs. Eaves. I believe that creativity is present in every aspect of life and my passion is finding meaningful ways to express my creativity. From graphic design and art direction to thoughtfully cultivating micro-gardens and experimenting with new ways to combine flavor, texture and color in bento boxes, I'm continually inspired to create. I hope we can make something incredible together!

I also run the Instagram account @Texas_bento to share my love of crafting stunning Japanese-style bento box lunches.

Design, typefaces, cats, Japanese bento boxes, classical music, embroidery, micro-gardening

Planning where to explore on my next trip to Alaska!

"Don't be a complainer; make things better, let it go, or take action to make it better." - Tina Roth-Eisenberg

Tina Roth-Eisenberg! She makes things better

A never ending enthusiasm about being organized! And I don't hesitated to color code

Park Ranger at Glacier Bay National Park

The lyrics to just about every Matt & Kim song (or at least while listening to the music)! They’re so much fun, I'm obsessed.

How to make the perfect cup of Matcha tea