A storyteller who creates content designed to spark meaningful conversations, I’ve been lucky enough to combine my flair for distinctive creative content with my longtime passion for travel. After graduating from Carleton University in Canada with a Journalism degree, I ventured to Rwanda as a young journalist, reporting on education and business development issues before becoming a travel features writer, visiting Scotland, Italy and Australia, to name a few. Now as a marketing professional, my career has taken me across the Kenyan savannah, through ancient temples in India, deep into the Amazon rainforest and most recently, to the end of the world, where I stood on the 7th continent.

Marketing, Journalism, the travel industry, Non-profits, Managing creative people & projects, Social Media, Unleashing creativity, Ethical fashion, Yoga, Experimental baking, Fishing and Back country camping.

being a little more patient.

Somehow, it all works out. / What you put out in the universe will come back you. / Grab life by the balls. / Creativity is muscle that needs exercise.

Jane Goodall because she was a fearless woman who rejected naysayers, lived in the wilds of Africa with chimps and became one of the most prolific animal rights/environmental activists ever. (And she had no scientific background!)

(not so secret) Ability to make someone laugh/cheer them up during a difficult situation.

Yoga Teacher / Healthy Baker

The FULL lyrics to American Pie

How to bake my super healthy and delicious chocolate-banana-PB cookies