My name is Killian but everyone calls me Kill. One guy calls me the 'Killah from Manila' but I'm clearly Irish and I've never been to the Philippines. I have traveled extensively, exhibiting, workshopping and throwing parties. Three things I'm passionate about are art happenings, hip hop and festivals. After years of creating a global impression with Hungry Castle and our Cool Shit movement, it's time for a new project!

A Tribe called Quest

starting A Tribe called Fest

Always go with your gut. Life will never go as planned so how do you know when to keep banging on that shut door or find a new door? You have to listen to your creative voice, your inner-GPS.

Spike Jonze - He's my favourite storyteller

It's all about ideas and doing whatever is a good idea

Mad Professor

Simpson's qoutes

The History of Hip Hop through emoji's

Carlton dancing obviously!

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