I began my career as a seamstress 10 years ago, and have created a brand that emcompasses my love of high fashion, with that of street art. I love vintage anything, and incorporate upcycled jewels into almost every piece throughout my collections.

Design, styling, wholesale buying

Currently with one assistant, and an intern, I'm looking to expand my business, by hiring on a part-time Marketing major. Someone who knows the ropes in the world of Social Media; balancing my outlets, exploring new methods of interaction, and continuously bringing life to my accounts. Current students, post-grads welcome to apply. KilikaCouture@gmail.com

When you're starting out, you're irrelevant. No one will care about you for 2 years. No one will care what you're doing, or what you're about. Be persistent, keep making awesome shit. People will watch, they'll begin to care.

I currently have an intern, who is learning design and buying/allocating.

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