Compulsive reader and traveller. Occasional writer. Challenge accepter. Bad kuduro dancer.

The taste of condensed milk in different countries around the world

Learning how to dance kuduro

Fear is a liar.

Nature. Imagine you're sitting somewhere on the top of the hill, looking into the distance, everything seems so calm and peaceful, your thoughts start drifting away...You're thinking, say, about your future, planning your goals, how you will start this project, and learn that thing, and will do another thing, and how industrious you are. And you feel in charge of your life, you feel so powerful and in control. And then - bam! - a lightning strikes just 5 millimetres from where you are. And you realise, that whatever you plan, aspire or dream about, that takes you so much energy and passion is nothing compared to that nature's careless sneeze. I mean, nature teaches us to live here and now, and appreciate the present better than any mindfulness instructor.

I can do a backbend from the upright position without warming up.

I have thought about this question more than once. That's why I have a full list: dancer, music writer for movies, or a literary critic - an old rich woman, who organises regular salons in her luxurious apartment gathering a creative crew around her. Almost like CM! Old is the requirement though.

How the things are by touch.

A song from "CatDog" cartoon in Ukrainian.