Karen Ward is the founder of Curiosity Inc (a consultancy that helps teams learn, create and plan better together), and Curiosity Global (an online community of rabble-rousing explorers, seekers and creators).

In 2017 she launched the My Curious Eyes project while she was falling in love with Lisbon. The project invites people to get curious about their everyday lives (and themselves) and share what they see (and why it matters) with others. My Curious Eyes now runs on a quarterly basis with hundreds of people participating from around the world.

In 2015, after living and working in Toronto for almost 20 years, Karen wandered and wondered her way to Montreal to pet sit a black cat named Boots, and she never left. She is a writer, an avid traveller and volunteer Street Wisdom facilitator, and a passionate connoisseur (and consumer) of pasteis de nata.

You can find her on Instagram.

Growing up in a big family. Starting a business and keeping it alive for 15 years. Asking great questions. Listening deeply. Spotting threads and themes and weaving them together. Experimenting and exploring. Learning new things. Brand strategy. Online research. Designing and facilitating great experiences. Helping teams learn, create and make decisions together. Treasure hunting: finding incredible people, intriguing content and secret surprises. Making stuff.

Sweet mother, so many things. How to make rice properly. How to fold fitted sheets. How to create a website without wanting to punch myself in the face. How to write a book. How to become a surface pattern designer. How to be a spy.

You can't do that.

I admire lots of great thinkers, writers and artists throughout history and from afar but the people I admire most up close are my parents. They both came from humble beginnings and they went to uni, had interesting careers, created an incredible family (six kids, eight grandkids and misc pets) and do great work in their community. Their legacy is deep and profound and so far reaching. And simple. Because it's LOVE.

Connecting the dots. And making exceptionally good Montreal-style bagels.

Private investigator. Or intelligence officer. Or international woman of mystery.

The birthdays of my parents + six siblings. And how to play the "Flashdance" theme song on the piano.

How to make origami Christmas trees.

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