Do it BETTER! #visualizer in chief. Need an answer? Ask me the question!

Customers. They're the center of the universe for every business. Regardless whether you're a b2b or b2c, fine tuning the customer's experience from the website to on-boarding is my bread and butter.

Product photography. I can do a little something in a pinch but I lean on the pros.

Overpromise and deliver.

Konstantin Zvereff, CEO of Blue Cart inc. Never met a better leader. Coming from a military background, leadership has top level importance to me. In the startup space, most leaders are really trying to develop themselves...Konstantin has it and only gets better with time!

Super duper mega ENERGY. I don't stop unless you tell me too!

Voice Over talent

Every song I've ever written. That's a lot!

How to be transparent.

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