Kia O. Moore holds a B.A. in Communication Studies with a certificate in International Public Relations and a minor in Journalism from UNC Charlotte. She also holds an Associates of Arts degree from Central Piedmont Community College. Moore worked in the advertising industry at a well known local magazine. However, this creative soul of a woman realized her life needed a little more than that typical work routine of: get up—work; drive home—eat; Netflix—sleep.

For her 2016 New Year's resolutions she vowed that she would make herself reconnect with what made her feel most alive. She vowed that she would find that lifeline that would reignite the imaginative light that would wake her inner child, who fueled those unrelenting musing abilities of hers. What she needed was Hip Hop. She is currently the Creative Director for a non-profit Hip Hop University that touched all those passion sectors of her heart while helping to empower the youth and her community through Hip Hop University.

Cross-Cultural Marketing

Know thyself.

I most admire Malcolm X because he stood for human rights in an unapologetic fashion.

Hashtag: #BlackGirlMagic

I now only work on my passions, and by the grace of Adonai they happen to pay. Therefore, I have no career. I only allow meaningful work to cross my desk.

How to give a proper hug.

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