Curiosity and a need to balance my head and heart lead me to explore a few very unique careers. International Relations in Europe, teaching foreign languages in Alaska, volunteer civilian radio showhost for American Forces Network in Germany, Shareholder Relations Administrator for an Alaskan Native Village Corporation. All careers were journeys in awesomeness amplified!

Alaska was transformative in so many ways for me: I transitioned into a semi-subsistence life-style that required a lot more self-discovery, self-awareness, and self-subsistence.

Working with Native Elders, I learned to live the values of confidentiality and honor, of being prepared and respecting the land, of never taking more than we need, and of leaving no trace, and that respecting every person regardless of their standing will open hearts and doors to berry patches and the best fishing holes in the area. I found my calling in coaching. Decided it was time to transition back into a multi-cultural society. Sold house and property in Alaska and took temporary residence in Toronto for coaching training. A celebratory trip to NY after graduation brought a surprise block - a Canadian border person was having a bad day, and decided I had stayed long enough. He turned me around with my overnight bag, and my “refugee” residence in Buffalo began - and with it a new journey through a forced transition that has been bearing and continues to bear gift after gift.

UPDATE: Moving forward -> reaching the SeaTac area soon! Looking forward to connecting with everyone soon :)

transitions. alaska. people. dipnetting.

finding a tiny place with a garden in a 30 min. radius of Olympia, WA.

trust the process. you are where you are supposed to be.

those who get up after the first, second, third fall. anyone who chooses kindness over being right. anyone who lives their dream despite the odds.

voice work, teaching german and english, adventure tour guiding in alaska.

what i think, feel, and then use my body to do. yes, i can back up a 15 pax vehicle with a trailer hitched to it. no, i won't do it unless you pay me.

alternate nostril breathing. dipnetting. breakthrough laser thinking.