I'm lead producer at a number of podcasts - including "Do Over," a podcast about the strange terror of choice, "Glossary," a podcast about the concepts that shape our world, and "Our Confederate Dead," a podcast about how white women in the South grapple with their collective role in the evils of white supremacy.

I used to be a producer for BackStory, which I joined after a brief and sordid affair with graduate-level philosophy. I started a nationally syndicated Canadian radio show and podcast called Pioneer Radio, got some training at the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University, won a Third Coast Short Doc award for a three-minute piece about poutine, produced a documentary for the BBC about firearm suicide, and started a family.

Let’s just say I didn’t make a whole lot of progress on that Ph.D.

Turns out that audio is much more fun.

Producing audio stories

Getting money for my audio side projects

"Just make stuff."

Teaching kung fu

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