Anna Ross is a Melbourne based design enthusiast and businesswoman. In 2012, she founded Kester Black, as a project to redefine the industry standard for ethically produced cosmetics by providing Australian made, professional quality, environmentally produced and cruelty free products that are inspired by beautiful design.

“I have always believed in ethical purchasing and when I was looking for nail polish that was ethically produced and environmentally friendly I was disappointed with what was available. I realised there needed to be a better option for consumers who care about both the ethics and design of their products.” — Anna Ross, Founder and Director of Kester Black

Kester Black is the result of Anna’s innovative and tireless approach to business, her love for beautiful design and her social and environmental values.

Design, business values, entrepreneurship, environmental practices, cosmetics manufacturing.

The ability to take on constructive feedback and use it to become better!

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