I am a content strategist and online media producer with a focus on transformational storytelling. In both my art and business, I'm constantly experimenting with employing the medium that will tell the story best. Right now, my focus is on the ArtistCEO podcast - a show that asks the question, "Can business and art live in harmony?" I also coach creative women to make content that lights them up at kaylocreative.com.

creating art that also serves as branding and marketing material.

making the world a more energetically balanced place. (ie: feminine and masculine that work together in harmony.)

Make the thing you would actually listen to/sign up for/appreciate.

Matthew Fox, who is a spiritual leader that wants to bring cosmology and meaning back into our work life. He is beyond labels, beyond sects, connected to all that is life-giving. Read his book "The Reinvention of Work."

My inability to work on projects I don't believe in.


The Preamble in song format.

I would teach them the GUMPTION Test, which is a way to get out of your head and into your body when making decisions about projects to pursue and content to create.

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