I'm a Swiss Army knife. One that does everything with voices... And on-camera acting... I don't have MPD, but I get paid to pretend that I do. I Love working directly with the creative advertising and production community.. There's a much better opportunity to connect people's concepts and ideas when they're first hatched, especially when they already have the personal relationship with the tools to implement them. "Give it to Mikey. He'll eat it!" I'm basically Mikey. And I might not eat it... But I can probably do whatever you're envisioning.. Even if it's a spry 80-yr old lady.. (She's in there somewhere)

Clean air... And. Cats. (Can I say that without sounding psychotic?)

Repackaging my marketing materials. A complete overhaul

Don't be an idiot

My three brothers. They are all brilliant. They are all funny. They are all kind.

Finding the one person in the room who got my joke (or at least found it funny)

Delivering pizza ..or landscaping.. Ok maybe a production assistant that moonlights as a singing telegram delivery person.

How to laugh.. And my own phone number

How to make killer peanut butter cookies.

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