Music-loving, craft-making, nature-worshipping, soul-searching mountain mama

I know lot of random stuff. Actually, I know a little bit about lots of stuff. I've been a PR consultant for more than 15 years, and during that time I've worked with a variety of local and global brands. So I can carry a conversation about carpet, maternity clothes, hotels, transportation legislation, water purification, brick houses, and more because of the various brands that I've represented throughout the years. So if you've ever wondered about how carpet is made, sold, and recycled, I'm your girl.

Balancing my creative profession working in a corporate world. Anyone else straddle the line?

"You're not carrying the liver." PR is non-stop, chaotic, stressful, and challenging. It's 24/7 (literally), so it's difficult to not get caught up in the urgency of the job. But a mentor once told me that even though you always have to be ready to jump in if a client has a crisis, but no one is actually dying - you're not carrying the liver.

People who dance to their own beats, those who won't look back at 60 years old and wish that they had had the confidence and bravery to be the person that they know that they were born to be.

I actually don't have, want, or need one! I was one of the few who knew very early in life what I wanted to do. So I jumped right in after college and have enjoyed every day of my career since - warts and all. Actually, there is one day I didn't enjoy: The day when I sliced my leg open at 6am when setting up for my client's huge groundbreaking event... and I didn't have a first-aid kit but but didn't have time to go get proper bandages, so I had to tape paper towels to my leg with the only band-aids I had in my car, my daughter's purple Doc McStuffins bandaids (which looked fabulous with my professional black dress)... then I had to coordinate the American and German CEOs who were giving the speeches that I wrote for them... then I spent 6 hours managing the event and handling press interviews with international media outlets... then I had to break down the event... and then I went straight to Urgent Care to get my leg stitched up... Yeah, I couldn't done without that day. But just one day in a 15-year career ain't bad.

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