Kelly Greenheart is a prolific creative, having begun her path in humanitarian service, evolving into a producer of over 700 meaningful media projects in 15+ countries, many of them festival award winners and Internet viral sensations. As co-founder of CIRCUS PICNIC, she’s cultivated a professional community center-pinned on positive movement, uplifting media, and transformational live experiences while providing unique employment for more than 150 Central Texas artists to do what they love. Kelly routinely designs immersive performance experiences to inspire and delight audiences with partners such as Cirque du Soleil, CNN, Apple, Wanderlust Yoga Festival, GSD&M and more. Every day she strives to make the world a little brighter, and provide others with the ability to live their greatest expression. When she’s not creating a tsunami of joy, she loves to fabricate new costumes and drink tea with her cat.

Creating immersive experiences, performance, circus arts, video production, event planning, and costume design, performing, international travel, mindfulness, movement arts, and PLAY!

Writing, PR, and social support would be so divine! We make and do so many novel things; albeit I rarely have the capacity to share about it.

Just show up.

My husband and co-business partner for always pushing us to the next level and having the patience and humbleness to work through the complexities of love and business! I also admire my parents for their unconditional encouragement, humor, and hardworking nature.

Staying positive.

Launching an up-cycled fashion business with recycled fabrics, starting a cat cafe tea shop, leading service travel programs, and/or being a marriage counselor.


How to thread a sewing machine or brew a great pot of tea.