I am a designer with a background heavy in print design. I am from the Kalamazoo, MI area and have been living in Detroit for over two years. My current interests include: old vinyls & my record player; mothering all my plants; finding new food spots in the area; traveling as much as possible!

Great karaoke songs; the best board games; red,red wine; cross country road trips.

Might not be "superpowers," but I have a couple of what I like to call "non-resume skills." I have an ongoing note of these in my phone for whenever I come up with new ones! Some include: spotting wildlife, knowing types of cars and naming/spelling US states and capitals.

I'd love to dip back into my dude ranch experiences. Otherwise, anything in the hospitality field – I love interacting with people.

How to put pants on.

Plant care – I went from killing anything green around me to now having a million plants! Not sure how it happened, but I am officially a crazy plant lady!

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