Kim Bennett Porter is a 5th generation Idahoan born out of high desert ranch country. Between the handed down stories of her family’s pioneer past and the influence of her rich Basque heritage, Kim has cultivated her core values based in a persevering grit, a love for the natural world and a passion for cultural art forms. As an artist, she most recently focused her energy on studying and teaching West African music and dance. Dance impacted Kim’s life in a profound way during a time of life changing, personal crisis. Through this experience Kim came to witness the incredible healing power of practices which help put us in a state of concentrated present moment awareness. In pursuit of deeper understanding, Kim began to train in MBSR meditation. She currently speaks and teaches workshops focused on the brain science behind meditation and its benefits across many areas of life. In her artistic pursuits, Kim is shifting the focus of her creative energy to her lifelong desire to practice visual arts in drawing and painting.

Middle Fork Rapid Transit

Find your own treasures. "The universe hides treasures inside us then stands back and waits to see if we can find them." Liz Gilbert

My son. He keeps rising.

I have an incredible ability to completely tune out anything related to football.

Dance party thrower


The meaning of SuSu (west african language) saying "Dun duroot. Dun durooti." Little by little. Everything comes little by little.

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