Hi there! I am currently pursuing my masters in Clinical Psychology with a concentration in Spirituality and Mind-Body practice. I co-founded the organization The Art of Human Being with my sister, through which we teach the art of living a meaningful life through workshops and events focused on meditation, contemplative practice, spiritual philosophy, and neuropsychology. I currently work as a mindfulness coach as well as a yoga teacher and meditation instructor for corps, schools, and private clients across NYC, and I teach weekly workshops on mindfulness, positive psychology, and spiritual philosophy.

the mind-body connection, spiritual philosophy, behavioral health, mindfulness, the neurophysiology and therapeutic potential of contemplative practices (meditation and yoga), and film photography. Most of my studies have involved the role of the mind in our subjective experience of pathology and how healing can invoke a powerful shift in perception that cultivates a beginner’s mind, a sense of interconnectedness, and more meaningful living.

Having a lightness of being :)

Starting my own bookstore/cafe, in which I diagnose/treat my customers' existential crises and life challenges with book recommendations.

That life is insanely short and incredibly precious

How to slow down, laugh, and take ourselves less seriously. Also... Dispositional Mindfulness, breathwork, and the secrets of the universe.

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