By day, I'm a producer at USAA. By night, I do my best to raise a little dude (see: Instagram), tend to my houseplant collection, obsess about my friends' skincare regimens, drink sake, eat cheese, avoid cooking at all costs, and explore San Antonio with my husband, Shawn, a scientist who loves to cook and keeps me well-fed.

Listening to people, designing buildings, SKINCARE, and eating cheese.

Cooking. I am a terrible cook.

Don't be afraid to ask lots of questions.

My mom.

Owning/running a cheese and plant store.

You can count on me to remember random, somewhat intrusive, personal details. Do not ever count on me to remember numbers. I will get them wrong. Always.

How to fry an egg. It's undervalued and frequently poorly executed. (BTW - over medium, please.)

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