Having never outgrown the "why phase" of childhood, I will most likely never satisfy my thirst for knowledge. However, this is not from lack of trying.

For example, after completing a diploma in theatre, I studied music performance and musicology at the University of Montreal, playing both the violin and the viola in the Ottawa Symphony Orchestra at the National Arts Center. Meanwhile, I also worked as a comms agent at the UOttawa Sustainability Office, a research assistant and even a journalist.

This lead to a Master's in Communication during which I focused mainly on Quebec politics, social media and political communication (and worked as the Arts & Culture editor for a newspaper/tv host/research assistant/Social Media analyst). It is only after publishing my thesis that I conceded to take a break from academia to work in the cultural and artistic world for a bit.

However, I quickly found myself drawn back to research and am now beginning a PhD in political science at l'Université de Montréal while working for the Research Chair in Electoral Studies. My interests mainly lie in political communication, political knowledge, electoral behavior, edemocracy and the gender gap.

Aside from spending many a Sunday night fiddling with regression models in Stata or daydreaming of solutions to our electoral system, I also rock climb, run marathons, cycle, slackline, cliff jump and host amazing dinner parties.

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