I have over 10 years combined experience in sales and marketing. Starting off my career managing tellers, I learned quickly to understand the customer experience from both the company’s perspective as well as the customers’ perspectives. Armed with this insight, I strive to develop custom marketing solutions and innovations that help cultivate strong customer relationships and brand experiences. I am a Google Partner and I specialize in Digital Advertising, Social Media, SEO and Website Development. I am a certified and registered yoga instructor. I am an avid music enthusiast; which my t-shirt collection reflects, and I may have one from every one of the over 400 live shows I've been to. I am a voracious reader, proud nerd, and writer. I'm fluent in having conversations based solely on movie quotes and song lyrics.

A native of Oklahoma, I graduated with a B.B.A from the University of Central Oklahoma.

Digital marketing strategies, search engine optimization, content creation, web development, social media, and marketing planning

Keep it simple

Serena Williams. I played tennis competitively growing up and still play in my adulthood. I grew up watching Serena and it's incredible what she has done for the sport and for women. She stands up for what is right even if it makes people uncomfortable. Her intensity and focus on court is unrivaled and there is a lot to be learned from that.

Hand farts

Hair stylist

Random pop culture things. My brain is a rolodex of random facts, which makes me an excellent person to have on your trivia team.

Sun Salutation A

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