"God is the great artist, and each human life is an event of recognition, interpretation, and improvisation on the wondrous imagination of God.” - Sam Wells

Born and raised in the great Midwest, Kathi Graves and her husband, Kurt, have called Charlotte home for nearly 27 years. When she’s not painting, she uses her design skills to make their home (and anyone else who asks) a beautiful an inviting reflection of who they are, administrative skills to keep her husband on task and in the right place at the right time, gardening skills to nourish their bodies, and shepherding skills to mentor others inside and outside their faith community. She marvels how CrossFit workouts can simultaneously energize AND suck the life out of her. And any attempts to herd their cats, Richie and Royal, are daily reminders that, hard as she may try, she is never really in control of anything.

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