Living a simple life in the mountains, trying to create a good world by being a good Mama, doing good work and being a good person.

Currently I know a lot about Lucie! Our little scamp who is 9 months old. I love knowing about words, how to make them work and why they matter. I know more than I care to admit about the ski industry, chalets, staffing, cooking and retail management from back in the day.

Self promotion, is a bit icky and makes me feel uncomfortable!

Do what you love and the money will follow. The universe will provide. (I try and keep these in mind as much as possible)

Right now all other parents! You are doing a great job y'all!

Being thoughtful, no matter what is happening in my world I'm usually thinking about someone else and how I can help them.

Back on the shop floor or in the chalets. Or perhaps a florist.

Usually my to-do list, or other peoples birthdays.

Beginners ballet, dance is good for the soul.

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