Over 18 years of experience as an event professional. I have planned and produced hundreds of premium quality events with 20 to 6000 attendees. Due to COVID-19 restrictions on gatherings, I am currently supporting events including conferences, workshops, and road races in shifting their event content online utilizing platforms including Zoom Webinar, Facebook Group Social Learning Units, Run Sign Up.

leading a team through event project management and creating engaging content for online or in person events.

connecting with events transitioning online due to COVID-19.

I most admire those who create their own path and follow where their heart leads them regardless of what others are choosing to do. Geraldine Lucas is my current role model. Her story inspired me to climb Grand Teton this year. https://jacksonholehistory.org/lucas-fabian/

I am super detailed and have the ability to visualize. My clients often tell me that I am calm and imperturbable, especially under pressure.

Currently working on a gift box product highlighting North Carolina makers, www.localboxnc.com.

How to develop and maximize a sponsor program for your event.

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