20-something. Designer. Photographer. Marketer. World traveler. Lover of glitter, technology, news, and brunch.

Cats. Creativity. Working. Balance. Making Lists.

Learning to say "no". And directions. I'm a really bad navigator.

I read this when I was in the 7th grade and it stuck: "Don't fear death. Fear the un-lived life. You don't have to live forever. You just have to live!"

Jasmine Star...she's my business/life/photography muse. She started from the humblest beginning and built a brand and empire that I adore. I'm also a fangirl of Beyonce, Oprah, Kate Middleton, Jon Acuff, and Martha Stewart.

I can crush anyone (or any project) with my super organizational skills. I've spent years crafting the perfect life/work/project organizational system tailored to me and it empowers me to do more. (And I make a mean pumpkin pie).

Travel writer! If everything in my life failed, I would throw my hands up, travel the world again, write about it, and hope someone publishes it.

I've got a terrible memory for many things (which is why I make so many lists) but I'm a SUPERSTAR at remembering gift ideas. Even if in passing, if someone mentions they'd like to have or do something, I remember it for the next holiday. I LOVE gift giving!

I LOVE suggesting quick and useful "lifehacks" when I can. I'm all about efficiency!

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