I was an Account Manager in one of the world's top media agencies handling FMCG brands that you've known and loved. Having a break in between to discover the world but in the end discovered something within: my brain. I'm using this to build my own product portfolio to help individuals create a more brainfit lifestyle.

I eat neuroscience for breakfast.


Everything that came from Paul Arden's books.

So far, Paul Dobson. He has a lot of secrets to unlock a productive and creative brain.

I think I can still do a turning forty-five degrees kick. Without power though.

My background is media advertising but I'm betting myself on creative startups in the future.

Glory be to the Father in Latin

What your sleeping brain does and I might draw a hypnograph and give a little creative secret.

An endorphin being dragged by a myosin along an active filament towards your brain signifying that you are going to be happy and then *poof.. Happy!

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