I was born in Lancaster, SC, the fourth of six children of hardworking, salt of the earth parents. While growing up, I often heard the phrase: “Honey, you don’t have a lick of common sense!” This usually occurred after I had done something outrageous to my hair. Because I screwed up my appearance so often, I learned real quick to make fun of myself before someone else could beat me to it. This strange, irresistible urge to screw up my appearance has helped me shape the self-deprecating persona of Karlene Bridges, the protagonist who appears in both my novels “Spelldown” and “Bewilderment of Boys.”

I moved to Charlotte in 1975 and have lived, loved and worked here ever since. In 1999. I left my career at Apple Computer to pursue my lifelong passion: literature. And in May 2005, I received my MFA Degree in Creative Writing from Queens University. Since 2005, I have taught writing intensive classes at UNC Charlotte and conducted numerous writing retreats and creativity workshops.

Wolf Heart, my first book of poetry, was also published in 2007 by Clemson University Press. It is available for download here: http://bit.ly/17Af6E0

Writing. Growing up with alcoholism. Loving people.

Being practical.

"If you don't see the book you want on the shelf, write it." Beverly Cleary

Martin Luther King. He used every ounce of his intelligence to create a movement that would help the world embrace the equality of all people.

My sense of humor.

Collagist, image maker

Abiding images. Moments from the past that had enormous meaning.

The importance of loving oneself.

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