Hi, I'm Kara, CreativeMornings/FTW co-host and Managing Editor of Input Fort Wayne. I like meeting new people and hearing their perspectives on life. Exploring new local restaurants and traveling is fun, too. I love those little moments when you realize something about yourself or something you can learn from someone else.

Fort Wayne (from being a reporter here for the last several years) and the local food scene (from being a lover of food).

telling people about the regional publication I work for called Input Fort Wayne. We write stories about the evolving culture of northeast Indiana (including several CM speakers!) so check out www.inputfortwayne.com!

Pause a moment to think before you speak or answer a question.

The women in my family because they are the strongest women I know.

Baking the best oatmeal chocolate chip cookies in the world!

Pizza and margarita taste tester.

The lines of every "Friends" episode ever made.

How to listen.

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