Entreprenör, pionjär, Internet-, marknads-, SEO- och PR-konsult, utbildare, e-handlare och copywriter.

Marketing, Internet marketing, social media, PR, copywriting, branding, design, computers, computer communication, help desk.

WordPress installation. Website design. T-shirt design. Poster and canvas design.

Just doing two complete different things per day. NEVER any more. Saying no when people call you up and urge you to do three or four or more things that day.

I've never had any idol or guru in my entire life whatsoever. Not even in my childhood. And not even in music. But sure I like a lot of talented people and listen to what they have to say :-)

Help desk expert. I was a project leader for the very first help desk at the Swedish Telephone Company (todays name Telia) in the 80:ies.

To use Evernote for keeping track of everything important as well as an idea bank for every new idea, written down or sketched and scanned with a cell phone.

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