Writer & content marketer. I help financial advisors gain influence, get clients, and turn ideas into action. Always busy dreaming, creating, & exploring.

Content marketing, writing, editing, creating compelling copy, money and personal finance, project management, organization, strategy and planning, research, & more (just ask!)

Creativity only flows if you show up to do the work every day. // Take nothing personally. What other people do or say is not about you. // You don't need permission from anyone to get started.

My ability to truly, actively listen to others. Also, my ability to eat massive quantities of chocolate chip cookies in a single sitting.

There's no backup. Only what I create for myself.

Random trivia and facts that do absolutely nothing useful for anyone (i.e., 12 horses have won the Triple Crown since 1919, and yes, I can name all of them).

How to leverage your money to get the most of what you have.

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