Travel -- literal and literary.

Web development and content management.

Expressing love and authenticity in your relationships is more important than a job title. Pursue joy.

ANTHONY BOURDAIN: honest storyteller, engaging writer, talented chef, and real life human being. The guy has had some incredible highs and lows, and still managed to come out a champion. I appreciate how crisp and candid his writing can be, without compromising eloquence. He's like the Hemingway of travel writing, without all the ego. VIRGINIA WOOLF: constant inspiration to not take my rights for granted. I have economic freedom and a room of my own, so what's my excuse? In addition to her jaw-droppingly feminist writing, she was also a would-be horticulturalist and helped with the gardens at Monk's House.

B-52's lyrics. The smell of my Grandmother's basement. Chicago Manual of Style citation formats.

The story of Howard Finster's rise to success -- and how weird the fine art community's engagement with folk art is.

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