I work with motivated artists who want to earn more money from their work.

You’ve got amazing art and know that you absolutely have to give it a chance. Because if you don’t, you’re afraid you’ll be letting a part of you die. And you'll always regret it.

Despite the quality of what you make and your hard work in the studio, you feel disappointed that you’re not selling more of your art and frustrated that you’re not getting the attention of the people who are happy to exhibit and purchase your art.

I’ll teach you to connect and engage with the right people who want to show your work and invest in your art, allowing you to get the recognition you deserve and make money doing the creative work you love.

Helping artists go from feeling like selling work and getting shown is overwhelming and out of reach to knowing the specific actions you need to take to confidently get into galleries and make money from what you create.

Tear the tissue paper into smaller and smaller pieces, until you can control how you tear it. - from my first grade art teacher. It applies to so many things.

Being able to put myself in other people's shoes. This helps me to be able to understand how to get people to take action by creating messages designed just for them.


How to fold a paper cup. I don't remember learning it so it must have been imprinted early.

How to do a flip with three people.


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