Kentuckian by birth, Chicagoan by choice. Bay Area for bae. 4th of July baby, former nanny, and current Creative professional. I have a background in Marketing, Development, and Audience Services in non-profits before joining Creative Circle in 2013. A people person with the gift of gab and a theatre degree, I'm passionate about: email marketing, digital strategy, helping creative talent get PAID, brainstorming rad new ideas, connecting with others, travel, finding the next best restaurant in Chicago and Beyonce.

marketing, staffing, pop culture.

Always keep a clean change of clothes in your desk.

Creativity and drive- I love people who can brainstorm big and fresh ideas are grounded and driven enough to make them a reality. I also deeply admire people who have a side hustle.

I'm a trained opera singer.

Plus Size Fashion blogger.

Song lyrics.

The dance to "Watch Me" by Silento so they can crush the next wedding reception they attend.