I'm an expert writer and editor with experience in print and online. Resourceful, methodical and creative, I can manage the smallest details without neglecting the big picture. As a social media consultant, I combine technical expertise with marketing strategy to develop online presences that engage and grow my clients' customer base. As a project manager, I keep all the balls in the air. As an account supervisor, I keep the clients happy. As a freelancer, I employ initiative and self-discipline to develop new accounts, manage schedules and serve a variety of industries, from trucking to beer to cemeteries. (Really!)

creating website content; newspaper, magazine and book publishing; information presentation; social media management; and marketing strategy.

QuickBooks. I've vowed to make it mine.

Read it aloud one more time.

I'm a sommelier, and I'm learning Spanish. Also, little kids like me.

Professional adventurer.

Schedules and deadlines.

Five fast workout moves. (I write about fitness often.)

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