Justin Timothy Temple researches the art of yoga through a daily practice. With a background in art direction, design and music performance that has collectively spanned over ten years, Justin uses his experience to explore yoga not only through detailed problem solving but also creative expression and visualization. He has dedicated his efforts to the Ashtanga Yoga Method and has been fortunate enough to study with advanced teachers: Eddie Stern, Tim Feldman, Peg Mulqueen, Deborah Sachs, & David Garrigues.

Justin shares his process in exploration several times a week, guiding students, like him, in both Ashtanga and vinyasa-flow practice at YogaWorks Baltimore. His classes have been called both challenging and yet highly accessible. His focus is on finding a meditative quality with breath and economy in action.

Baltimore, MD. Capricorn.

fundamental yoga postures, creative direction, & modern art and design.

not eating all the ice cream in the freezer

is to always stay a student.

my parents–they taught me how to be yogic before I learned what yoga was.

it's a secret, duh!

where's the fun in having a backup anything?

my favorite mantra: thank you

how to appreciate the ordinary.