Sole product designer at Smartling, a translation software startup, in NY, NY // Past: chapter volunteer helping to launch CreativeMornings/Dallas! I am enthusiastic about urbanism, apps, learning, civic issues, biking, NYC ♥︎, watercolor, absurdity.

Product design, apps, web things. And then I dabble in everything else.

Stopping my futile attempts at multitasking everything always and forever.

My dad once told me, 'Love education and learning because it will never end' – one of the reasons my brothers and I were home schooled.

People who put aside their own pursuits, comfort, convenience for the sake of benefitting others.

I love to learn. New things excite me and so I hunt down information trying to understand how something works, why it is that way, and what to do about it.

Artist or an angry city council meeting audience member who's pitchfork is his signature "thing"

To check Evernote / Fantastical / iPhone for everything because I cannot remember anything without effort.,%207%2049%2058%20PM.gif