I work with independent creative professionals to help them align with their unique skill, create a dynamic and consistent marketing message and connect with their ideal clients.

Helping independent creative professionals position themselves more effectively to their ideal clients (those would be the creatively adventurous, low maintenance, high paying kind!)

Cultivating speaking opportunities for creative associations, organizations and conferences.

A client doesn't care about problems, they just want to hear solutions. Position everything you do and offer in terms of how it will benefit your clients and they will love you forever!

Winston Churchill because he was a multi-faceted (did you know he was a talented artist?) complex, and prolific man who took success and failure in his stride.

Relentless enthusiasm and optimism, combined with a get 'er done approach

A complex list of household, family and business needs and schedules.

how to artfully communicate what you do and what someone should do next to work with you

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