Designer, etc. Creative Director & partner at Switch, a friendly visual design studio with offices in Dallas and Oklahoma City. Lecturing faculty member for SMU's Master of Arts in Design and Innovation graduate program. CM Dallas organizer. Tweets about fùtbol and his favorite Amazon customer reviews. Triplet dad yeah I know seriously.

graphic design, interactive design, typography, branding, brand strategy, copywriting, haiku

marketing strategy, video production, hair care

"Eat the crust."

Muriel Cooper, Corita Kent, Jan Van Toorn, Jorge Luis Borges, Thurston Moore, Terry Tempest Williams, Bob Gill, Tibor Kalman, Maggie Nelson, Walter Gropius. All have maintained (or did maintain) an enduring idealism throughout their careers.

The ability to never get tired of eating the same thing every day.


Chewbacca's age.

The perfect fist pump.