Marine invertebrates stole Juli Berwald's heart on her first snorkel in the Red Sea during college. Hoping to study the ocean forever, she spent seven years building mathematical algorithms to interpret satellite imagery of the ocean, receiving my Ph.D. in ocean science. Her husband stole her heart next, and she drifted away from the ocean to Austin, Texas to be with him. Over the years, they added two children and a couple of dogs to their family.

Landlocked, Juli wrote textbooks and popular science articles for National Geographic, The New York Times, Nature, Time, Redbook, and among others, before the story of jellyfish led her back to the sea. A mashup of memoir and science, Spineless: the Science of Jellyfish and the Art of Growing a Backbone, was published in 2017. She is currently finishing a book on the future of corals, due out in 2021.

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