The main thing that people want to know about me is where I am from, and my answer is usually this: my dad is from Hong Kong and my mom is from Mauritius. I'm a cultural sponge and to some people, I might seem slightly strange. I am very persistent and I like to make sure I obtain the best results in what I do. Been working in the construction and space design field for over 5 years and now decided to head back to school for further improvement. At first you might find that I am boring specially when I talk about my 37 screw head tool box; but I actually have many stories to share, i.e. I got sent to an orphan school to learn about life value; I don't drink and I no longer enjoy smoking (except when I am furious, which usually I keep myself under control).

If you have to do something that frightens you, do it with faith, not with fear; everything happens for a good reason, always.

I don't really have a role model; I meet people and I spend time observing that are those that impress me, I then find ways to adopt those...skills or whatever they are.

Professionally being a very good researcher and product marketer while personally stay away from social platforms.

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