Juan Manuel Rodríguez (commonly known as "Juanma") is mainly distinguished for his love for books and writing, and is forever letting his heart and soul swim in Literature. He’s the founder of Haki Storytelling and a 100% easy going human being and 100% Bogotano; two characteristics that do not necessarily go hand in hand. He studied Industrial engineering, and has recently focused his career towards storytelling, which has certainly livened up his writing. He likes silly jokes, sushi, and carrot cake, amongst other things, and everything he does must have happiness as its final goal. Juan Manuel is extremely afraid of the mundane status quo (the state of affairs ¬– not the band) because he firmly believes that change is the key to life. He is often to be found reading in coffee shops, always on the lookout for the best cappuccino in town. All his life issues are framed in Rock and roll ambiance.


Diseño de piezas promocionales

"Las palabras son como las flechas, una vez se sueltan no las puedes recuperar" George Martin - Festín de Cuervos -

¡A mí Papá!

Sentir la buena o mala vibra de las personas

Imitador profesional de ruidos de ascensor y carros echando reversa

La primera vez que caminé, después de un accidente muy grave que tuve.

Un par de chistes bobos